My New Coffee Obsession – Don Tomas Coffee

DT Coffee - sweetheatchefs

There are 2 things that are constant in my life (food wise) Wine and Coffee, and not necessarily in that order and if possible I’d drink them together! I am a huge fan of a particular coffee spot that I visit DAILY, yes DAILY. I have tried so many different coffees in a way it is like wine tasting, you try them to see what you like the best. In fact, why isn’t their coffee tasting…hmmm, maybe I stumbled upon something new…

Anyway, in my experience people are fans of either a light or mild coffee, or a medium coffee, or even a bold coffee or espresso. I am a HUGE fan of bold and espresso varieties. Again, each brand and company makes them differently so a bold at one company is not necessarily my idea of bold from another. With that being said, I continue to try different brands and flavors to make sure I am maximizing my coffee potential! 😛 After all I am raising 5 kids, going to school, blogging, and co-chairing this years Relay For Life event, so I’m a tad tired!

You can imagine my delight when I was offered a chance to taste coffee and do a review of it. It went something like this when I got the news:

S Q U E E E E E E L!!!! S H R I E K!!! W O O H O O!!!

DT Coffee 4 -

Now the details. My opportunity came from a company called Don Tomas Coffee, you can visit them here. I was not familiar with them at the time, but as I asked around people I knew had. I guess my head had been stuck at the previous coffee store too long. I read up on the history and the story behind this company, all I can say is O M G! I feel horrible for even drinking coffee from anywhere else besides Don Tomas! These farmers are 4’th generation coffee cultivators. They live on the farm they cultivate from, they give back to their community, they have built schools and medical clinics on the farm for their own employees AND their community! THAT IS NOT ALL…For every purchase that is made 30% goes to a fundraising organization of YOUR choice. (they have a list, but you can add your organization!) How dedicated and amazing is that??

Now, you are going to say “ok, well they do all that, but how is their coffee”. Have I mentioned that I love coffee?? Yes? Ok, well I consider myself a coffee snob, meaning I only drink the best of the best, because frankly life is too short to drink crappy coffee plain and simple. I LOVE DON TOMAS COFFEE! 2 years ago I got a Keurig machine for my birthday. I stopped using it because the pre-packaged coffees just did not suit me. They were too weak or un-flavorful, whatever the case, I was not happy with the coffee I had to use. I now know, you can make your own coffee blend with a special filter thing-a-ma-bob that I have. I just put my Don Tomas Coffee in it, and viola, it was done….smelled divine  and was out of this world CRAZY GOOD! I am serious, I don’t say I like or even LOVE something if I don’t, it isn’t in me (I am sure you know this by now).

DT Coffee 2 -

DT Coffee 3 -

I have found my new coffee company, Don Tomas Coffee. I can’t go wrong with a $10 bag of excellent tasting coffee, of which $3.00 is donated to an organization of MY choice. Knowing that the company is just as awesome as can be. I hope you will give this coffee a try, I think you will switching just like me….yep that is right, no more of “that” other coffee place for me folks, I have been converted!

Have you tried Don Tomas Coffee? Tell me about it, and leave a comment below 😀 I just can’t say enough awesome things about Don Tomas Coffee.

I said it once and I’ll say it a million times over…

DT Coffee 5 -


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