What Is A Blog

Hello friends!! I have been made aware that some of my wonderful readers are unsure about what a “blog” really is. I hope to clear that up for you and arm you with the information necessary to proceed with signing up to my actual “blog”.
I have a Facebook fan page for fun that I show off my culinary creations in the kitchen. To get the full benefit of and find the recipe along with additional pictures and commentary I have a “blog” to read. A blog is an online record, which is short for web log. It is a website that a single person or a group of people use to record information. It is usually based on a single subject, and mine, of course, is cooking and recipes. You can join websites or blogs directly or in some cases, they will have a fan page on:
It does not cost money to join my blog, it is simply a way to ensure you see each new yummy post I publish.
I hope this clears things up for anyone, unsure, of what a blog is. I welcome any of you to join me at http://www.sweetheatchefs.com, or just continue admiring our fan page on Facebook. There is no requirement to sign up to my actual “blog”, it is just nice to see you all off of Facebook and over in another venue. Which ever way you choose to visit Sweet Heat Chefs, we welcome you and thank you for being great friends  followers, commentaries and family.  So sit back and enjoy our yummy food and there are always new foodies to meet! I appreciate each one of you, and each one of you make Sweet Heat Chefs what it is. Cheers my friends!
I want to thank a great foodie friend, Christine from Foodthoughtsofachefwannabe. She inspired this post and I appreciate her taking time to explain what a blog is to her readers and mine. The truth is, we are doing this for one simple reason…WE LOVE IT! Please, take a moment to visit her page and see all the goodies she has cooking up in the kitchen too.

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