Krispy Sea Salt & Pepper Kale Chips

I am officially on the KALE bandwagon ya’ll. What took me so long? Well, the first bunch of Kale I purchased from the farmer’s market went bad before I had a chance to make it, so that went out the window. The next bunch of Kale I purchased from the Farmer’s market, was left in my vehicle and went bad. Let me just say in the hot California sun, rotting away in my 135 degree car, kale does not smell so good 😦 Ok, so after 2 times now I am thinking do I even attempt a third try? HECK YA! I went for it and am so happy. I am sad to say that I have NEVER used kale in anything. Nope! Not a smoothie, not a salad, not as a side dish. *sticks pouty lip out*  My kids see this huge big green bunch of veggies on the counter and immediately cringe, just because. They have no reason to…seriously, when is the last time you saw a food you didn’t know what it was and just cringed? I look at an unfamiliar food and am excited to see what potential is has! Anyway, I tell them to not worry about it and go about their business. After all was said and done there were mixed reviews. I of course LOVED them, 1 son age 10 who LOVED them as much as me. The other kids, said they were *eh*. Of course I made them eat them, but they certainly would not be asking for those again. Between my son and I we ate both cookie sheets! I’m dying for next Tuesday when I can get back to the farmer’s market and get more!


1 bunch kale, washed and thoroughly dried
4 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt, for sprinkling to taste
white pepper for sprinkling to taste


Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees F.

Cut, wash, and dry kale. Make sure to remove the ribs and stems that are tough and woody. They do not soften and they are not good unless you like eating straw that is hard and sharp! NOTE: The veins of the leaf should remain in tact, if you tear the pieces too small they tend to burn quickly, so you need to watch your cooking time and adjust it accordingly.

Tear Kale into bite sized pieces and place on cookie sheet atop parchment paper. I end up with 2 cookie sheets full….drooling just remembering my bounty!

Toss both pans full of Kale with the olive oil,  sea salt and white pepper.

Bake for 12 minutes and turn over using a spatula. Keep kale spread out and as flat as possible. It “K”risps up really nice that way.

Bake for another 12 minutes or until crispy, being careful not to let the leaves burn. Remember if your pieces are too small they may burn, so check them frequently.

Eat…Eat…Eat until they are all gone, which is roughly 10 minutes!

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6 thoughts on “Krispy Sea Salt & Pepper Kale Chips

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  2. Thanks for joining us at Foodie Friends Friday. Please be sure to enter by using the rafflecopter and link to our site.
    I love kale raw chopped as a salad and also in a green smoothie. I have never tried this.

    • I did enter the rafflecopter!! I have never used kale other than making these chips except for last night I used chopped up Kale in the food processor with spinach and added it to a chicken alfredo! HUGE success! I always wanted to try it in a smoothie, but not sure how or what else to make in it.

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