Pretzel Crusted Chicken Cutlet


4 Chicken Cutlets
2 c. Pretzles
1 c. Parmesan Cheese
1/2 c. Bread Crumbs (see recipe)
Salt/Pepper (to taste)
1 Egg
1 c. Flour
4 T. Extra Virgil Olive Oil

Hot Wing Sauce:
1/4 c. Butter
1/4 c. Tabasco Hot Sauce
Melt butter and add Tabasco sauce. Keep warm while serving for best results.

Honey Mustard Sauce:
1/4 c. Mustard
2 T. Mayonaise
1/2 c. Honey
In bowl combine mustard and Mayonaise, add honey and whisk until combined.

Pound chicken cutles out to a thin consitency. In food processor combine pretzels, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and salt/pepper. Grind mixture until a course ground mixture forms.  Add olive oil to frying pan and heat on medium. Place flour in 1 dish, egg in another dish, and the pretzel mixture in the third dish. Dip 1 cutlet in to flour mixture coating both sizes liberally, then dip in egg mixture coating both sides, lastly dip i n pretzel mixure coating both sides. Add cutlet to pan and repeat steps above with remaining cutlets. Cook cutlets until thouroughly cooked through, about 5-6 minutes per side depending on thickness of cutlet.


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