Cilantro Lime-Pepper Rice or Green Rice


My new found love of cooking with lime, inspired a whole meal using an abundance of them.  There is just something about the tartness, the smell and the way they look that makes me happy. This rice is a side dish to a full meal. 

1 cup long-grain white rice 
2 cups chicken stock, or vegetable stock (make it good quality for this dish, you’ll be happy you did)
1/4 C Sweet Heat Chefs Signature Sauce (more or less to your taste)


  1. In a pot, add chicken stock and rice
  2. In food processor, make the Sweet Heat Signature Sauce, and puree until smooth. If too thick add more olive oil.
  3. Add about 3 tablespoons of the puree to rice with the chicken stock and cook according to the rice package directions.
  4. When rice is finished, add puree and stir, serve immediately.

Sweet Heat Signature Sauce, can be used in lots of food and in different ways. You can use it on: tacos, topping for baked potatoes, a dip for french fries instead of ranch or ketchup, on top of barbequed steak and so much more.

Made your own combination? Tell me about it



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